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May 12, 2010    

Bay to Breakers Race Advisory



The San Francisco Police Department has prioritized enforcement responses during the Bay to Breaker race, to be held on Sunday, May 16. There will be sufficient officers deployed throughout the event. There will also be special enforcement police teams to respond to activities of a criminal nature or breaches of race policy.


There will be zero tolerance for public drunkenness and public urination. Police transport wagons will be on hand to transport and detain those intoxicated in public and who are unable to care for themselves.


This year the following policies are in effect:


· The San Francisco Police Department has coordinated with race organizers to remove kegs and bottles of alcohol from the race course.


· Wheeled objects and floats must be registered and start from the starting line behind all runners and walkers. No wheeled object or float will be permitted to join the race along the route.


The police department urges all participants to exercise common sense to help ensure a safe and pleasant experience for participants, spectators and residents alike.


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