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April 23, 2010    

San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect in April 12 MUNI Vandalism Incident



San Francisco police arrested a suspect in a Muni vandalism incident that occurred on April 12 on the Muni T Line at 10:40 A.M. Taken into custody was Leonel Jarquin, 18 of San Francisco.

In this incident, a woman passenger informed the driver of the LRV that the suspect was vandalizing windows on the rear car of the vehicle using a knife. When the driver saw the suspect, who was accompanied by two juveniles, a 17-year-old male and a 17-year-old female, also of San Francisco, all three exited the vehicle at Arleta Avenue and Bayshore Blvd.. After Jarquin got off the vehicle he struck at the LRV’s windows with a bottle, damaging thirty windows.

The driver alerted police, who arrived at Arleta and Bayshore and arrested Jarquin and cited the male juvenile. Muni inspectors were also at the scene. The female juvenile was detained and later released into the custody of her parent.

Jarquin was charged with vandalism and conspiracy.

Vandalism on Muni cost the city nearly $5 million in 2009, including vandalism on Muni vehicles and facilities.

Nathaniel P. Ford Sr., SFMTA Executive Director and CEO, stated that, “We are pleased that our increased efforts and those of the SFPD to patrol the Muni system and to arrest individuals who deface our system. We are committed to address the problem of graffiti and vandalism aggressively through a comprehensive collaboration with the SFPD.”

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