04/11/08 08-025

04/11/08 08-025


April 11, 2008


Four Robbery Suspects Arrested On Sam e Day In Three Separate Cases

San Francisco Police have arrested four suspects in three separate robbery cases.

In the first case, the suspect targeted Chinese women in the Chinatown area. The suspect would approach unaware victims and yank off their gold or jade necklaces before fleeing. There were eight such incidents reported between March 11 and April 10. Investigative leads led to the arrest of Jimmy Situ, 33, of San Francisco on April 10, at Clay Street and Waverly Place at about 2:00 P.M. He remains in custody on multiple counts of robbery.

In the second case, a bank robber wanted for three robberies between April 7 and April 10 was arrested after an F.B.I. agent arrested the suspect, again on April 10, at Howard and Fifth streets at about 5:00 P.M. The agent recognized the suspect from surveillance photos. Taken into custody was Scot Beane, 44, no local address. Beane is the suspect in the robbery of Washington Mutual Bank, 2166 Chestnut Street on April 7; U. S. Bank, 443 Castro Street on April 9; and Bank of the West, 295 Bush Street, on April 10. He is in custody on multiple robbery charges.

Two juveniles, both 17, of San Francisco, were arrested in the third case, a robbery series on Potrero Hill. Two robberies were committed on April 6 and two on April 8. Operating together, the suspects targeted victims walking on the street either late at night or early in the morning and robbed them at gunpoint. A plain clothes officer arrested them, also on April 10, in the early morning at 25th and De Haro streets. Police recovered a loaded firearm from the suspects. They remain in custody on robbery and firearm-related charges.

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