04/08/08 08-023

04/08/08 08-023


April 08, 2008


Pair In December 2007 Homicide Arrested In Mexico

The two suspects wanted in the murder of Leonard Milo Hoskins, 49, were arrested last night, Monday, April 7, in El Rosario, Baja, Mexico by the El Rosario Police. Hoskins was last seen on December 22, 2007 and his body discovered by police on February 1, 2008.

The suspects, Richard Carelli and Michelle Pinkerton, both 38, had been the subject of an international manhunt. At the time of the arrest, the couple's two children were with them.

Carelli and Pinkerton are expected to be expelled from Mexico into the United States and will be taken into custody by United States authorities. The U. S. Marshal's service will coordinate with San Diego law enforcement authorities for the care of the couple's two children and for the transfer of the suspects to San Francisco.

The San Francisco Police Department is grateful to our colleagues in the U. S. Marshal's Service and to the State Police of Mexico, the Procuraduria General de Justicia.

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