04/05/06 06-036

04/05/06 06-036


April 05, 2006

Subject:     Suspect In Identity Theft Charged With 54 Criminal Counts


An investigation begun by San Francisco Police Fraud Inspectors in October, 2005, has resulted in Wilson Lee, 35, of San Francisco, being charged with 54 criminal counts, including identity theft, grand theft, credit card fraud, forgery, auto theft, student loan application thefts, and possession of stolen property.


The investigation began when police received a call from a victim, whose car had been broken into and his wallet containing his driver’s license and credit cards stolen, learned that his credit cards had been used to purchase iPods. He also told police that a representative from an electronics company had contacted him to confirm an order for a computer rental, an order he had not placed.  Investigators discovered that someone had assumed the victim’s identity and was in the process of renting over $100,000 worth of computers with the victim’s credit card numbers.


Police arranged a sting operation in which a controlled delivery was conducted.  When Lee, using a counterfeit driver’s license, identified himself as the theft victim, police arrested him.  Police found one of the iPods that Lee had fraudulently purchased on his person.


During the investigation, police found several lists that contained the names and credit card numbers of over 500 persons.  Police also found personal credit reports, federal tax returns,

stolen mail, vehicle registrations and car owner manuals belonging to a multitude of victims.


Lee remains in custody and is awaiting trial.


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Fraud Section


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