03/26/08 08-019

03/26/08 08-019


March 26, 2008


San Francisco Police Arrest Three Suspects In Bank Robbery Series

San Francisco Police have arrested three suspects in a series of at least 15 bank robberies that were committed since November 2007. Taken into custody on three separate dates were Michael Skates, 29, of San Francisco, James Burge, 51, no local address, and Peter Juneau, 40, no local address.

Investigation follow up after Skates robbed the Bank of America at 501 Castro Street on March 20 led to the identity of the other two suspects. In the March 20 incident, the suspect sped away from the bank in a Nissan SUV. A bank employee went out onto the street and alerted a passing motorist that the bank had just been robbed by the suspect in the SUV. The motorist attempted to follow the SUV, but lost sight of it after a few blocks. The motorist, however, obtained the license plate number, leading to the arrest of Skates in San Francisco the next day. Burge was subsequently arrested on March 24 and Juneau on March 25.

Skates is the suspect in two bank robberies; Burge, at least nine, and Juneau four. The investigation revealed that all three suspects were associates and coached each other in committing bank robberies in San Francisco.

The investigation was a collaborative effort of research by patrol officers and Robbery Detail inspectors that led to the identification and subsequent arrest of the three suspects.

All three suspects remain in custody on multiple charges of bank robbery.

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