03/23/04 04-21

03/23/04 04-21


March 23, 2004

Subject:     E-Mail Scam Alert Update

San Francisco Police Department continues to alert the public regarding phony e-mails to unsuspecting victims.  The e-mails, disguised as authentic communication from companies such as Earth-link, Pay Pal and well-known financial institutions, announce that the recipient is the victim of fraud or that the company is updating its computers.  The e-mail requests that, unless the recipient supply information quickly, the account will be closed.

The e-mails request personal information, including full name, date of birth, bank account and social security numbers, and mother’s maiden name.  If the victim supplies this information, the suspects now have fraudulent access to the victim’s accounts.

Another recent e-mail scam involves the victim’s e-mail “confirmation” on a child porn CDs subscription order.  The e-mail announces a weekly charge of $29.95 on the CDs billed to the victim’s credit card address. The e-mail states that if the person wants to cancel the subscription, he or she must select the link provided.  Persons will be inclined to click on this link given the nature of the “subscription,” and will supply the detailed personal information that the link requires.   The person’s personal information now is in the hands of the suspects, who intend to use the information fraudulently.

Anyone receiving any suspicious e-mail of this nature should forward the e-mail to the customer service department of the legitimate company represented and to his or her local police department.

For more information, please contact:

Lieutenant Kenwade Lee
SFPD Fraud Section