03/20/06 06-031

03/20/06 06-031


March 20, 2006

Subject:     San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect In Fatal Hit and Run Case

San Francisco police have arrested the suspect in a fatal hit and run that occurred on Saturday, February 18, 2006 at Bayshore Boulevard and Silver Avenue at about 11:30 P.M.  In this incident, the victim, Benjamin Weaver, was crossing the intersection when he was struck by the driver of a van.  The driver continued to drive after the collision, dragging the victim for several blocks.


Police were able to locate the suspects after receiving a call on Saturday, March 18, at about 1:00 A.M., of a parked van being stripped.  By the time police responded the suspects had fled, but the reportee was able to give a description of the suspect vehicle, a white Chevrolet Caprice.


Police searched the area and observed a speeding vehicle matching that description.  Police made a traffic stop and found miscellaneous auto parts inside the vehicle. Since police had been aware of the description of the suspect van from the February 18 incident, and realizing that these parts would fit the suspect van, they detained the driver for further investigation.  They then proceeded to the 1300 block of Thomas Avenue where the suspect lived with his grandmother.  In the garage, police discovered the suspect van.


Meanwhile at the police station, the suspect admitted to being the driver in the fatal collision.  Police took the suspect, Lamont Rutherford, 29, into custody.  Police charged him with vehicular manslaughter, felony hit and run, auto tampering, possession of stolen property, and driving with a suspended license.  Also taken into custody was Dewayne Heckard, 49, of San Francisco. He was charged with possession of stolen property and auto tampering.


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