03/18/09 09-022

03/18/09 09-022

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March 18, 2009


San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect In Identity Theft/Stoeln Property Case

San Francisco police have arrested a suspect in a stolen identity property case. Taken into custody March 5 was Lawrence Fabiani, 25, of San Francisco. Police detained a second suspect, a 30-year-old San Francisco male in this incident.

A police surveillance operation regarding a stolen Ford Mustang located on the 100 block of Pope Street on March 5 at approximately 3:50 P.M. led to the identity theft and property arrest. While police were staking out the car, they observed a 1996 white Saturn with two male occupants pull up and park near the location of the stolen auto and walk toward the stolen car.

Police recognized both men from prior police contact. A search of Fabiani's pockets yielded five vehicle keys that had been used as master keys. One of the keys fit the stolen Ford's door and ignition. Police found printing equipment in a bag in the suspects' possession,

Police went to Fabiani's residence and conducted a probation search. In the residence police found check books not in Fabiani's name, various identification cards in other people's names, and a list of bank account information of various individuals not known to Fabiani. On a computer police observed a check writing application. Police also found a container with items known to be used as burglary tools.

Included in the evidence found were checks belonging to a victim who later told police his parked car window had been smashed in October 2008 and a bag containing his personal checks had been stolen.

Fabiani was charged with receiving stolen property, possession of burglary tools, and revocation of probation.

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