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March 19, 2010    



Chief George Gascón has placed the overall responsibility for the investigation of practices at the San Francisco Crime Lab under Assistant Chief Jeff Godown, who will be taking charge of the Administrative Services Bureau on Saturday, March 20th.


Chief Gascón also announced the following personnel movements:


  • Captain David S. Lazar to the Crime Lab
  • Captain Louis A. Cassanego to Ingleside Station
  • Captain John R. Goldberg to the Training Division
  • Lieutenant Douglas G. McEachern to Crime Lab


Additionally, Crime Lab Manager James Mudge has been assigned to work under the direction of Assistant Chief Jeff Godown. Mr. Mudge will be working on a project associated with the Department’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System. These moves are temporary and are expected to last 90-180 days. They have been ordered by Chief Gascón to facilitate the ongoing investigation into alleged improprieties at the San Francisco’s Crime Lab. These moves, which take effect Friday, March 19th, are in no way punitive or conclusory and have been implemented to enhance the transparency of the investigation.

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