02/29/08 08-014

02/29/08 08-014


February 29, 2008


San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect In Chinese Community Fraud Scam

San Francisco Police have arrested a suspect in a scam that targeted elderly Chinese victims over a fourteen-month period, with the most recent incident occurring on February 25. Taken into custody this morning, Friday, February 29, was Ken Hue Hua, 42, of San Francisco. He was arrested at his home without incident.

In seven reported cases, the victims would receive a phone call from a male caller claiming to be the victim's doctor, relative or friend. The caller would say that a family member was in need of money for car repairs, bail money, fees to the Chinese Embassy, or to pay overdue bills. The caller would give an excuse why he could not provide the cash and would repay the victim later.

The caller arranged to meet with the victim on the street, where the money was exchanged. The seven victims then identified Hua as the person to whom they gave the money. In the seven charged incidents, victim losses totaled almost $11,000. All of the victims were of Chinese descent, with most of them over the age of 65.

In addition to the seven charged cases, an additional 19 persons of Chinese descent, most of them over the age of 65, have been victimized by this same scam over a 14-month period, with losses of over $16,000.

Hua has been charged with a total of 24 counts of elder financial abuse, and grand and petty theft, including fourteen felony counts. He remains in custody.

The arrest is the result of a lengthy investigation by Inspector Julie Yee of the SFPD Fraud Section. Assistant District Attorney Alan Kennedy is in charge of the prosecution.


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The San Francisco Police Department is asking that any one who may also have been a victim of the suspect to contact the San Francisco Fraud Section, 553-1521.

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