02/25/08 08-012

02/25/08 08-012


February 25, 2008


San Francisco Police Arrest Two In Fisherman's Wharf Shooting

San Francisco Police arrested two male suspects yesterday evening, Sunday, February 24, shortly after they left a restaurant on the 200 block of Jefferson Street at about 10:00 P.M. without paying. Taken into custody were Marcel Waldron, 36, of Oakland, and a male juvenile, 17, of San Francisco.

The suspects were with two adult females in the restaurant. The females left first. Shortly afterward, the two male suspects left the restaurant without paying for their and the females' meals. Two female employees followed them for several blocks, finally confronting them on the 600 block of Bay. Waldron suddenly turned around mid-block, pointed a gun at the two employees, and fired twice in their direction. Both suspects then fled on foot. After the shots were fired, one of the employees called 9-1-1 on her cell phone. One victim was grazed in the head by one of the bullets.

Police responded and began an immediate search of the area. Police observed two males matching the suspects' description walking on North Point and Larkin streets and ordered them to stop. Both suspects ran off. Police confronted Waldron on the 600 block of Bay and again ordered him to stop. Waldron then reached into his waistband and removed a handgun. Waldron then surrendered and was taken into custody. The second suspect, identified later as a juvenile, was arrested at Northpoint and Larkin streets.

Waldron was charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, drawing a weapon in a threatening manner on a police officer, carrying a concealed loaded weapon, and delaying arrest, among other charges. He remains in custody. The juvenile was charged with resisting arrest and cited.

Police are seeking information about the two females, African-American adults, who were in the company of the suspects. Anyone with information is urged to contact the General Work Section, 553-1141.

For more information, please contact the Public Affairs Office, 553-1651.

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