02/20/09 09-015

02/20/09 09-015

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February 20, 2009


San Francisco Police Arrest 13 Robbery Suspects In Two-Day Period

San Francisco Police have arrested 13 robbery suspects over a two-day period, including the arrest of a knife-wielding suspect in a taxi robbery series.

On Tuesday, February 17, police arrested Giampiero Bazzoni, 58, of San Francisco, after a cab robbery that occurred at Washington and Taylor streets at approximately 1:15 A.M. In this incident, the suspect had gotten into a taxi driven by a 35-year-old male. After driving for a few blocks, the suspect placed a knife against the driver's neck and demanded money. The driver managed to jump out of the cab unharmed and the suspect climbed over the back seat and attempted to drive the cab but crashed into a wall on the 1200 block of Taylor. The suspect got out of the cab and the victim chased him and tackled him to the pavement and detained him until police arrived. Bazzoni was charged with robbery and carjacking.

Bazzoni is the suspect in two other taxi robberies, one on January 18, at Pine and Leavenworth streets, and one on January 16, at Pacific Avenue and Taylor Street, both occurring in the early morning. There were no injuries to the victims in those incidents.

Also on Tuesday, February 17, at approximately 1:30 P.M., police arrested Dante Armstrong, 33, of San Francisco, for a robbery that occurred on February 15. Investigators developed investigative leads, identifying Armstrong as the suspect and began a surveillance operation. He was taken into custody after he drove his 1995 Oldsmobile into a parking lot on the 1900 block of Sunnydale Avenue. Armstrong was charged with robbery and various narcotic violations.

Later Tuesday, at 5:20 P.M., police arrested San Francisco resident Alejandro Sisa, 33, after he robbed a 40-year-old San Bruno resident at gunpoint of his back pack containing a lap top computer and work documents. The victim gave chase and the suspect ran into a building at 22nd and Capp streets, where police took him into custody. Sisa was charged with robbery.

Police arrested ten suspects in four robbery incidents on Wednesday, February 18, that had occurred from early afternoon to late evening. In the first incident, police arrested two Herbert Hoover Middle School male students, 14 and 15 years old, in the theft of a classmate's i-Pod the previous day. Police learned that the i-Pod had since been sold, allegedly to purchase drugs. The suspects were charged with robbery and conspiracy.

Later that afternoon, at approximately 4:00 P.M., police arrested two suspects at the 16th and Mission BART plaza for a robbery that occurred at that location two weeks earlier. The victim in that robbery, a 51-year-old San Francisco man, was again at the BART plaza, saw the same suspects present, called police, and pointed out the men and explained that they were the ones who had stolen his bags of groceries two weeks earlier. Taken into custody were Roland Zinn, 49, and Melvin Walker, 39, both of San Francisco. They were charged with robbery. Additionally, Walker was on parole and Zinn had an outstanding traffic warrant.

Police arrested five juveniles shortly before 8:30 P.M. The suspects, three of whom were 15 years old and two 17 years old, all of San Francisco, confronted a 16-year-old male and his 23-year-old uncle as they were walking on Geneva Avenue and Moscow Street. One of the suspects physically restrained the younger victim, while another suspect punched him and stole his wallet and cap. When the victim's uncle attempted to intervene, one suspect showed a handgun in his waistband and threatened him. Police arrested the suspects on the 5000 block of Mission Street a short while later. The suspects were charged with robbery, conspiracy, and assault.

As a 36-year-old San Francisco woman approached the front of her residence on 9th Avenue at Judah Street at approximately 9:45 P.M., a man started running toward her, demanding her purse. The victim fled with the suspect in pursuit. Police responded to the robbery in progress call and arrested Chad Diekman, 39, no local address. He was charged with robbery and various narcotics violations.

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