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February 19, 2010    



San Francisco police arrested 28 suspects in a gang-related probation enforcement operation conducted February 17. The enforcement operation began at 6:00 A.M. until midnight and was city-wide, and targeted gang members who were on probation or parole. The operation was a coordinated effort between the SFPD and other agencies. The SFPD participants included the Gang Task Force, the Fugitive Recovery Enforcement Team (FRET), the Tactical SWAT divisions, Housing police, and officers from all ten district stations. The San Francisco agency participants included the Sheriff’s Office Warrant Unit and the Juvenile Probation Department.

Other participants included the F.B.I, the U. S. Marshal Service and the California Department of Corrections.

Six of the 28 arrests included arrests where police seized guns. Police took into evidence a total of six guns. Those arrested in the enforcement operation who were charged with the possession of a firearm were the following:

· Kenneth Lau, 34, of Daly City. He was on probation out of San Francisco and was arrested in Daly City. The San Mateo Sheriff’s Office GTF Unit and Daly City Police officers assisted in this arrest. Police recovered one handgun in Lau’s possession.


· A 17-year-old male juvenile, arrested on the 900 block of Grove Street. He was in possession of a 9 mm. gun with an illegal extended cap concealed in his waistband.

· Christopher Byes, 29, arrested on the 100 block of Blythdale. He was the subject of a federal indictment in 2005 and is a federal escapee.


· Tantrell Crawford, 18, of Pittsburg, also arrested at the Blythdale address.


· George Washington, 19, was also arrested at the Blythdale location. Both Crawford and Washington were the target of a GTF DNA search warrant for a December 2009 shooting. One handgun and narcotics were also seized at the Blythdale location. Crawford, Byes, and Washington were all charged with possession of a handgun and narcotics violations.


· Robert Heckard, 33, of San Francisco, on probation, was arrested on February 16 on the 100 block of Cashmere Street. He was in possession of a two handguns, one of which was stolen.


One additional gun was found on the 1800 block of Eddy Street, known gang territory. No one was arrested in connection with this found gun.



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