02/10/04 04-10

02/10/04 04-10


February 10, 2004

Subject:          Third Suspect Joins Pair In Bank Robbery Series

A third suspect has joined a bank robbery series pair in their latest bank robbery, which occurred on February 6 in South San Francisco.  This latest robbery is the twelfth in a series over the past several months committed by the same individuals, with five having occurred in San Francisco and six in Daly City.  The latest South San Francisco robbery was the first involving a third male suspect.  The suspects have been armed with handguns, but to date there has been no injury inflicted on any of the victims.

The first San Francisco robbery occurred on September 5, 2003 at the Bank of the West,

2606 Ocean Ave.  The last San Francisco robbery occurred at Citibank, 2400 19th Avenue on January 28, 2004. All 12 robberies have taken place in the morning.

Persons with information are urged to contact the Robbery Section, 553-1201.

Bank surveillance photos of all three suspects can be found the SFPD Web site at sfgov.org/police under “Wanted Persons.”  The new third suspect in the series is the suspect holding a gun in his right hand and a white bag in his left.  He is wearing a knit cap and his head is turned toward his left.

For more information, please contact:

Inspector Dan Gardner
Robbery Section