02/09/04 04-9

02/09/04 04-9


February 09, 2004

Subject:           Police Apprehend Man Evading Police In Bayview District

San Francisco police apprehended a San Francisco man Sunday night in the Bayview District after the suspect threatened officers with a handgun and then threatened to shoot himself.

Shortly before 7:00 P.M. Sunday, February 8, undercover police working Operation Cease Fire in an unmarked car noticed a group of five men loitering on the corner of 3rd Street and Hollister Avenue.  When they approached the group, one of the men suddenly got into a gray four-door Ford Taurus and quickly sped away. Police issued a police broadcast and about 15 minutes later another police unit, this time uniformed officers in a patrol car, followed him, but were hampered in stopping the vehicle because he was driving so erratically. By this time, the original undercover unit saw the car crash into a pole at Newhall Street and Oakdale Avenue.

As police went up to the car, the man jumped out of the vehicle and pointed a gun at the officers.  The officers took cover behind a parked car, emerging to find the suspect pointing the handgun at his own head.  Police contacted back-up units and the police department’s critical incident team, which arrived to dissuade the man from killing himself.  After two hours of intense negotiations, the man surrendered with no one being harmed.

Police took Darrell Vaughn, 39, into custody.  Vaughn has a felony conviction record in Louisiana for forgery. He was charged with assault on a police officer; ex-felon in possession of a firearm; brandishing a firearm at police officers; possession of a prohibited weapon; evading a policing officer; reckless driving; and delaying arrest.

Police initiated Operation Cease Fire when the Bayview community urged the police department to combat drug dealing, illegal gang activity and to address quality of life issues in their neighborhood.

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