01/31/07 07-011

01/31/07 07-011

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January 31, 2007


San Francisco Police Department Refutes Examiner Findings

Last Friday, January 26, the San Francisco Examiner published a report indicating a substantial decline in the rate of San Francisco homicide arrests during the last three years. It is the SFPD's understanding that the article depended solely on arrest statistics gleaned from the Department of Justice Web site. These statistics alone do not accurately reflect the total homicide arrests in San Francisco during this period.

The statistics as presented in the article did not include many homicide arrests. For example, they do not reflect the recently much publicized federal gang indictments for murder. As the chart on the second page of this press release shows, in 2004 the San Francisco Police Department made 29 homicide arrests, but the Examiner reported 21. There is a dramatic discrepancy in the statistic the Examiner reported for 2005. In that year, police made 46 arrests; the Examiner reported 26. Additionally, there have been 36 homicide arrests in 2006, a statistic that was not stated in the Examiner article.

The Department does not believe the statistics as presented in the article were intentionally misleading, but we believe that it is important to provide accurate data to set the record straight. The Department has asked the Examiner to correct these errors to ensure that the public's perception of our efforts in violence reduction is not undermined.


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