01/21/09 09-006

01/21/09 09-006

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January 21, 2009


San Francisco Police Arrest Two Suspects In Murder For Hire Incident

San Francisco Police arrested two suspects in a kill-for-hire incident who targeted a 23-year-old San Francisco woman. Taken into custody January 17 were Deonte Bennett, 24, of Oakland, and Emerson Portillo, 24, of San Francisco.

The incident began on Friday, January 16, when the victim called Portillo at approximately 7:30 P.M. to pick her up from a location in South San Francisco. Portillo called the victim and told her that, because he had been arrested for a traffic violation, someone else, who turned out to be the second suspect in this case, Bennett, would pick her up instead in the victim's own vehicle. Bennett, who was not known to the victim, picked her up at approximately 10:00 P.M. Once in the car, he told her that the first suspect in this case, Portillo, had ordered him to kill her, and had already been given half of the $5,000 to do the job and held a gun against her head.

Fearing for her life and desperate, the victim told Bennett that she would pay him $2,500 not to kill her. They drove to the victim's residence in the Bayview District, and the suspect took about $200 in cash from the victim and forced her at gunpoint back into her car. After driving around the district, the suspect got out of the victim's vehicle and walked off. The victim then reported the incident to police.

Based upon a coordinated investigation conducted by the Domestic Violence Unit, the Special Investigations Division, the Tactical Investigations Unit, Northern Station Street Crimes Unit, and Ingleside and Taraval stations, Bennet was arrested in Emeryville Saturday at approximately 6:20 P.M., and Portillo in San Francisco approximately ten minutes later. This rapid and coordinated effort resulted in two dangerous suspects being quickly removed from the community.

Both suspects remain in custody and are charged with attempted murder, murder-for-hire, conspiracy, and false imprisonment.

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