01/14/05 05-003

01/14/05 05-003


January 14, 2005

Subject:     SFPD Filipino-American Officers Phillipine Exhange Program Trip Set for January

Fir the past five years, Filipino-American San Francisco police officers have been participating in the Philippine Exchange Program (PET).  In mid-January, a contingent of SFPD Filipino-American officers will be traveling to Makati, the Philippines, and other cities in the country as part of the ongoing exchange program, and to participate in the Global Filipino Networking Convention in Cebu that will follow the training periods between the two police agencies.

PET is dedicated to the exchange of law enforcement skills and knowledge, and to the fostering of camaraderie between officers in the Philippines and San Francisco. The exchange training between the SFPD and the PNP is regarded as the first formal training program established between a U.S. law enforcement agency and the PNP. 

For more information, please contact:

Sergeant Randy Caturay
San Francisco Police Department
242-3000, 650-205-4743

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