01/10/06 06-004

01/10/06 06-004


January 10, 2006

Subject:     Arrest In Starbucks Explosive Device Case

San Francisco Police today arrested a suspect in connection with the explosive device left in the restroom of Starbucks café yesterday, January 9, 2006.  Investigators obtained and released photos of the subject of interest and established a special task force, comprised of district police station personnel, the Gang Task Force, and Field Operations Bureau to locate the subject.  At about 5:00 P.M. today, one task force unit, comprised of three Northern Station officers, Officers Reese Burrows, Patrick Zapponi, and Richard Goss, located the subject of interest at

Van Ness Avenue
Geary Boulevard
and detained him.  Special Investigations Division Inspectors Jeff Lindberg and Al Wong, along with A.T.F. Special Agent Brian Hester, responded to that location and initiated a follow-up investigation.


Based upon the investigative interview, the Special Investigations inspectors determined that the subject of interest who was detained was involved in the Starbucks incident. Taken into custody was Ronald Schouten, 44, of San Francisco.  He was booked on an unrelated felony, no bail drug warrant.  The Special Investigations Division is awaiting results from the A.T.F. lab regarding the analysis of the materials used in the suspected explosive device.


The investigators have determined that the Starbucks incident did not involve any element of terrorism or activism-related motivation.


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