01/07/05 05-002

01/07/05 05-002


January 7, 2005

Subject:     San Francisco Police Arrest Four And Seize Large Amount Of Cocaine Worth $200,000 to 250,000 Street Value

On January 6, 2005, members of the San Francisco Police Department Narcotics Division, after conducting a lengthy narcotics investigation, arrested four individuals for various narcotics charges and seized approximately three kilograms of cocaine. The three kilograms of cocaine have an approximate street value of $200,000 to $250,000.  Also seized in the arrest were a handgun, a rifle and a large amount of U.S. Currency.  The individuals are considered to be one of the main suppliers of cocaine to the Tenderloin District. 

The four individuals arrested are: 1) Zamago, Eldo HM 7/5/82, 2) Rivera, Diego HM 10/9/76,

3) Marquez, Ricardo HM 1/5/80, and 4) Monroy, Cesar HM 6/18/73 and are currently being held at the San Francisco County Jail.  Zamago, Rivera and Monroy are being charged with Transportation of Cocaine for Sale, Possession of Base/Rock Cocaine For Sale, Possession of Cocaine For Sale, and Conspiracy.  Zamago and Rivera have additional miscellaneous charges. Marquez is being charged with Possession of Base/Rock Cocaine For Sale and Conspiracy.  

Photographs of the evidence seized are available at the Public Affairs Office, Room 549.

For more information, please contact:

Captain Timothy Hettrich
SFPD Narcotics Division

850 Bryant Street, Room 549, San Francisco, CA. 94103
Tel (415) 553-1651 / Fax (415) 553-9229
email: [email protected]